Photo Gallery

Patient 1

This patient had worn down her teeth through the years and wanted a younger, whiter smile. Porcelain veneers allowed us the ability to place the perfect smile. Notice the difference the laser recontouring made. It allowed us to eliminate her “gummy smile” and lengthen her front teeth to a more corrected proportion. (10 porcelain veneers)


Patient 2

This patient was very displeased with his smile. We choose Lumineers and were able to treat him without anesthetic or any preparation to his natural teeth. He stated, “It was the best money I ever spent”. It has boosted his confidence and helped him to be more successful in his profession. (10 Lumineers)

Patient 3

This patient has had a serious breakdown of his teeth and bite. We needed to restore his teeth with porcelain for both function and esthetics. We’ve only treated the top arch and will do his lower teeth when he is ready. (12 all-porcelain crowns)

Patient 4

This patient was unhappy with her smile. She had a chipped tooth in front and a darker grey color which bothered her. Veneers allowed us to place the perfect smile. (10 porcelain veneers)

Patient 5

This patient had excessive wear from a lifetime of grinding his teeth. By wearing the teeth down he had collapsed the vertical dimension of his mid face. Note the difference this made when this is restored. This is a full mouth rehabilitation case. (28 all-porcelain crowns)