Rehab Holding

Patient 1

This patient had excessive wear from a lifetime of grinding his teeth. By wearing the teeth down he had collapsed the vertical dimension of his mid face. Note the difference this made when this is restored. This is a complete mouth rehabilitation case. (28 all-porcelain crowns)

Patient 2

This Salt Lake business owner was not pleased with her smile. She had veneers placed on her top teeth 20 years ago was not happy with how they looked and was not happy with the wear and color of her lower teeth. Since she wanted to address the concerns of both the upper and lower teeth we decided to treat as a full mouth rehabilitation. We decided it would be best to open the vertical dimension of her bite 3-4 mm to reestablish the lost vertical from wear. We also found the bite was more stable in a more forward position. This had an added benefit of allowing her to breathe better. (28 all porcelain crowns)

Patient 3

This Wyoming engineer was very worried with the loss of tooth structure and the appearance of his smile. The only way to properly restore his bite and smile was through full mouth rehabilitation. He spent 3 months at an opened position with fixed orthotics as we tried to stabilized his bite. Once he was comfortable at the new opened and more forward position we converted everything to porcelain. (28 all porcelain crowns)

Patient 4

This Salt lake business woman was not happy with the color of her teeth and disliked her smile. She also had several crowns and old metal fillings on her back teeth which she was not pleased with. She decided to treat all problems at once with full mouth care. All teeth were prepared in one visit and 3 weeks later all porcelain veneers and crowns were bonded in.(28 all porcelain crowns/veneers)

Patient 5

This Cache Valley businessman was not happy with his smile and was concerned with the uneven wear, he also knew he had many back teeth with old fillings and poor fitting crowns. We choose to treat all teeth, the smile, and the bite with a full mouth rehabilitation. After 3 months of working on the correct position of the bite all teeth were prepared for porcelain restorations. (28 all porcelain crowns/veneers)

Patient 6

This Salt Lake homemaker was not totally happy with her smile. We discussed veneers but she wanted the lower teeth veneered also. Due to her bite and the loss of enamel from her lower teeth from wear the only option was to treat the full mouth. All teeth were prepared in one appointment and 3 weeks lated all veneers and crowns were bonded on. (28 all porcelain veneers/crowns)

Patient 7

This Davis County patient did not like the unevenness of the teeth, He was also aware of decay on many of his teeth and many old poor fitting crowns in the back. We choose to treat all teeth at once and to open the bite to create more room. This allows to level the plane of the bite and align the teeth more ideally for esthetics and function.(28 all porcelain crowns/veneers)

Patient 8

This patient was very concerned with the depth of his overbite. His lower teeth actually hit on the gums of his palate and were stripping away the gums on the inside of his mouth. He had recently had the top 6 teeth crowned but the bite was not addressed. We opened the vertical of his bite and were better able to stabilize the bite for function and esthetics. (28 all porcelain veneers/crowns))